SQL Server UCS-2 and UTF-8

Hello all,

I am writing data into an MS SQL Server, to be used by other
applications (not my rails app).

The problem is I need to put Chinese and Japanese characters into the
database. If I write it in using the Rails SQL Server adapter, it
writes the data in UTF-8 code points, which rails can then read again
and deal with fine.

Problem is, other applications see this as garbage as it is not UCS-2.

I’m trying to find a way to write in UCS-2. The following code
snippet does not work:

require ‘iconv’

def convert(string)
Iconv.iconv(‘UCS-2’, ‘UTF-8’, string)

MsSqlModel.update_attribute(:name => convert(name))

Which is sort of expected as the SQL adapter does not N’’ quote it’s
UTF-8 strings. So I tried the following (which also doesn’t work)…

require ‘iconv’

def convert(string)
Iconv.iconv(‘UCS-2’, ‘UTF-8’, string)

MsSqlModel.connection.execute(“UPDATE table_name SET name =

Has anyone out there had and solved this problem? Extensive googling
has turned up very little.

Thanks all