SQL Server pains


I recently ran into the following problem: when running ‘rake
clone_structure_to_test’, the task would spit out the following error

This program requires Microsoft SQLDMO 7.0 or later

After many attempts to download this library, I reinstalled the SQL
Server Client Tools. Still nothing. I tracked down the program that
rake was having problems with: scptxfr.exe. Trying to run this program
by itself produced the same error, so I knew I had found the culprit.

What I found to be the solution is that, for some reason, the sqldmo.dll
library was no longer registered. So, I went to:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn

and ran the following:

regsvr32 .\sqldmo.dll

This seems to have fixed the issue.

NOTE: I’m using ODBC to connect to SQL Server, and another issue I was
running into was that the rake tasks always look for the ‘database’ key
in the database.yml file, so it’s important to have that value in there.