Spree on Windows

hi all , when I tried to run rake db:bootstrap for Spree, I got a weird

rake aborted!

Mysql::Error: Can’t create/write to file
‘C:\WINDOWS\TEMP#sql_1b0_0.MYI’ (Errcode: 13): SHOW FIELDS FROM

rake aborted!

Invalid escape character syntax: /C:\mydirectory\app\Rakefile/

any ideas?

BTW, obvious but I’m using XP



you got a problem with slashes / backslashes as directory separators.
unix uses a slash (and that is what rake expects) while windows uses
backslashes (which are interpreted as escape-characters).
i’m not on windows, so i can’t really tell you what to do to fix it,
but i hope i could point you into the right direction to google a