Spreadsheet view in rails + share options


I need to create a single page spreadsheet web application in RAILS
which should be exactly like google doc(should not use google docs
API). It should have the following features

  1. should scroll from row to row/ cell to cell using arrow keys and
    also want to copy and paste from cell to cell .

2)Adding , editing and deleting a record and it should contain sharing
access for particular users .

  1. If one user modifies the spreadsheet it should immediately reflect
    to all user who has permission to view that document.

  2. overall it should be in a spreadsheet view.

If there is any other way to solve this solution means can u suggest
me?? or please provide me a proper solution…

Thanks in Advance

Investigate javascript grids - there is a growing collection of both
free and pay-for clieent side grid frameworks available :slight_smile:

Jquery grid

Are two that come to mind.