Sportdb gem - Free Open Sports Database (Football Fixtures & More) Command Line Tool


I’ve extracted from Sportbook [1] the football fixtures (including
schema & models) for easy reuse. The open sports database also
includes a command line tool, that is, sportdb and a sample web admin
tool in Ruby on Rails.

Events in the sport.db include the Champions League 2012/13, Euro
2012, World Cup Quali and others.

The sportdb gem also ships with a plain text fixture reader for easy
data import. For samples, see the English Premier League [2] or the
Deutsche Bundesliga [3] fixtures.

More info => GitHub - opensport/ Open Sports Data (sport.db) Web Site


[1] GitHub - openbookie/sportbook: sportbook web app - free open source sports betting (or prediction) pool in ruby on rails (version 3.2 and up)