Spork + Autotest Failure

Hi folks, I’m going through railstutorial.org and so I apologize if
I’m hitting the wrong group here and would appreciate any appropriate
redirection if necessary.

I’ve set up Spork + Autotest as per Michael’s instructions in

Essentially by doing the following (using rvm & I’m on Mac OS X):
$ gem install autotest -v 4.4.6
$ gem install autotest-rails-pure -v 4.1.2
$ gem install autotest-fsevent
$ gem install autotest-growl

My ~/.autotest is as follows:
require ‘autotest/growl’
require ‘autotest/fsevent’
Autotest.add_hook :initialize do |autotest|
%w{.git .svn .hg .DS_Store ._* vendor .idea}.each {|exception|
autotest.add_exception(exception) }

Spork is set up as indicated in Listing 3.13 as per the above link to

When I get into the actual testing / development I start autotest off
If I run spork& sleep 5 && autotest -vw (thought I’d try to get some
additional output for debugging), things seem to work. Tests run when
I alter files, however I noticed that when I tried to take the red to
green with adding the appropriate changes to make a test pass that the
test continued to fail until I restarted autotest.

I thought perhaps spork might be the issue so I took it out of the
equation and still ran into issues with autotest not passing.

I additionally notice that when I am in the project root folder, if I
just touch test it will evoke the autotest via fsevent, however I’ll
see that the process becomes “fsevent_sleep” in my terminal process
and will get “No tests matched test”, however it will not escape out
of this hang even if I delete the “test” file I touched or whatever.
Autotest must be restarted.

Can someone help get my horse pointed north here or at least refer me
to perhaps the appropriate group / list to be contacting to hunt this
bugger down?

Thanks much,



same problem here: autotest doesn’t work with or without spork at all.
May I ask what was your solution please? Thanks,

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