Spliting a string

my input string = “‘DM,US:1210’,null,1007,2021-01-11”

expected output is = [“DM,US:1210”,“null”,“1007”,“2021-01-11”]

how can i get this output ?

There may be a way to do this in one step, but I’m no wizard…
Also, I am making several assumptions about your input, since you didn’t provide context. That said, one way to accomplish this is to split on a regex that matches either a quoted subsection or a comma and then reject the empty string members from the result.

input_string =  "'DM,US:12100',null,1007,2021-01-11"
#=>  ["DM,US:12100", "null", "1007", "2021-01-11"]

It turns out you can use the CSV library, but specify the single quote for the quote character:

2.7.2 :001 > require "csv"
 => true 
2.7.2 :002 > input = "'DM,US:1210',null,1007,2021-01-11"
 => "'DM,US:1210',null,1007,2021-01-11"
2.7.2 :003 > CSV.new(input, :quote_char=>"'").read.first
 => ["DM,US:1210", "null", "1007", "2021-01-11"]

Thank you so much a lot!! it worked me

Thank you so much!! your solution worked for me

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