Split-clients for vhosts how?


what is the right way to use the Module ngx_http_split_clients_module
some vhosts?


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Or same question in an other ask.

For example I have a server with 10 virtualdomains.

vhost 1, example.com with 5,000 visitors a month
vhost 2, example.org with 300,000 visitors a month
vhost 3, example.net with 10,000 visitors a month
vhost 4, example.de with 20,0000 visitors a month
vhost 5, example.fr with 800,000 visitors a month
vhost 6, example.nl with 350,000 visitors a month
vhost 7, example2.com with 20,000 visitors a month
vhost 8, example3.com with 2,000 visitors a month
vhost 9, example4.com with 175,000 visitors a month
vhost 10, example5.com with 50,000 visitors a month

We will splittest on vhost 1,6,8 and 9.
vhost 1 with two sites 50:50
vhost 6 with three sites 33.33:33.33:33.33
vhost 8 with two sites 50:50
vhost 9 with four sites 30:30:20:20

Where and how is the configuration for each domain?

What is “AAA” meaning in the first line?
split_clients “${remote_addr}AAA” $variant {
0.5% .one;
2.0% .two;
* “”;


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