Split a sentence by regular expression

I want to split a sentence by means of regular expression.
For example, the sentence is
" Hello how r u?"

How can i split this ?

the way I used is as follows :


matching = Array.new
a = gets
puts a.split.length

re = /((\w+)\s)+/
matching = re.match(a)
i = 1
until i >a.split.length

puts i
puts matching[i]
#~ if (matching[i] == “u”)
#~ puts “Who is Anant?”
#~ end
i +=1



What does “split a sentence” mean? If it’s just split around spaces,
you could simply do

" Hello how r u?".split(’ ')


" Hello how r u?".split(/\s+/)

if you want to remove empty words (i.e. ""s) you could do something like

" Hello how r u?".split(/\s+/).reject{|w| w == “”}

Does this answer your question?



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