Sphincter 1.0.0 Released


Sphincter version 1.0.0 has been released!


Sphincter uses Dmytro Shteflyuk’s sphinx Ruby API and automatic
configuration to make totally rad ActiveRecord searching. Well, you
still have to tell Sphincter what models you want to search. It
doesn’t read your mind.


  • Automatically configures itself.
  • Handy set of rake tasks for easy, automatic management.
  • Automatically adds has_many metadata for searching across the
  • Stub for testing without connecting to searchd, Sphincter::SearchStub.
  • Easy pagination support.
  • Filtering by index metadata and ranges, including dates.


  • Setting match mode not supported.
  • Setting sort mode not supported.
  • Setting per-field weights not supported.
  • Setting id range not supported.
  • Setting group-by not supported.

See README.txt for quick-start, examples, etc.


1.0.0 / 2007-07-26

  • 1 major enhancement
    • Birthday!