Speed up Rails application and CGI script


I was redirected to this group from another.
Here is my question: what kind of configuration do you have on your
production server for Rails?
I need to speed up my application in 10-15 times, and I wonder how to
make this.

My current configuration:
FreeBSD 6.2
Apache 2.2 + the latest Phusion Passenger + the latest Ruby Enterprise
Ruby 1.8.6
Rails 2.1.0
the latest MySQL
sessions in cookies

I’m researching about memcached now and it seems to be a good way for
Can you suggest some more methods?

We have been using Litespeed for about a year with great results. Its
LSAPI implementation of Ruby has been extremely fast and stable when
running Rails applications.

Where is the bottleneck in your application that must be sped up 10-15