Speed up loading rails and running specs on MacBook Pro

Hi all,

some time ago I found out that loading the rails environment and
running my specs was much much faster on my iMac than on my MacBook
Pro (of course the hardware does explain a bit of that difference). I
had compiled my ruby1.8.7 on my MacBook Pro with --enable-shared –
enable-pthread option (as recommended in various tutorials). So I just
recompiled ruby1.8.7 without those options and after that the rails
environment and the specs did actually run much faster:

specs before:
Finished in 76.090626 seconds
2560 examples, 0 failures

specs after:
Finished in 24.645957 seconds
2560 examples, 0 failures

You know what this means in terms of productivity when doing TDD.

Just wanted to know if there’s anyone with similar experiences.