Spectrum_sense.py for USRP2

Is there any revision of spectrum_sense.py for usrp2 or is there any one
here who can recommend me which module in the usrp_spectrum_sense.py do
I have to change to make it work for usrp2 as it connects through
gigabit ethernet and not through usb.
I am a rookie and i just got usrp2 last week.
Reason why I need it, I just want to collect the raw data for different
ISM bands so that I can use it for further work.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

Note: I have usrp2 with XCVR2450. One more thing i got a code named
usrp2_spectrum_sense.py from [discuss-gnu radio] written by “Ilkyoung”
but its not working as well cause after giving it tuning parameters it
throws out garbage values well it looks to me as garbage.
Please help me out.