Spectrum record

Hi list,
I want to record a 5MHz wide bandwidth with usrp1 (equipped with dbsrx1
modified clock @ 52MHz), can anyone guide me how to do this, I am using
usrp_rx_cfile (using gnuradio-3.4.2 for special purpose) with
gain =52
decimation= 26

Please do let me know if I need to make any changes in any file to
accomplish my task.
Thanks in advance

Hi gsmandvoip,

Your decimation seems about right (oh, I don’t miss libusrp). I don’t
think you need to change the example, but please be aware that libusrp
has become so obsolete that I don’t even have the source code around

I’m not totally sure you need to use libusrp to have openBTS (which is
what I guess you mean by special purpose):
I haven’t tried, but I’m fairly certain that UHD still supports the
B100/USRP1 (and that GNU Radio thus did not drop support for that on
3.5.0), and thus I don’t really know why the combination OpenBTS and
USRP1 calls for GR3.4.2; is there someone who could enlighten me?
I’m fairly certain I’ve been sending text messages over openBTS that was
operating a B210, so UHD&openBTS should work…