Spectrum chunk

dear list,
I am digging to find out how to record a frequency bandwidth e.g.
I already have USRP1 with DBRX, which I suppose able to capture 25MHz
frequency bandwidth as per their specification.
I played around ursp_rx_cfile but with single frequency, now I want to
record a frequency spectrum then later wish to divide it into several
frequency parts (which I presume can be done by channelizing, but any
idea most welcome).
Taking above idea in my mind I am confused as if DDC of URSP (any
combination of rbf files) is able to process this much data??
if yes, please guide me where to strike first??
is GRC good way to go ahead??
guidance is highly appreciated
Thanks in advance

On a USRP1, you can get 8 MHz across the wire (16 MHz if you go to 8 bit
samples). This is a matter of USB2.0 not being able to transport more

Once you have a chunk, channelization is the way to go, and GRC is
generally a good tool to use.