Spectral Estimation Toolbox: GUI and cyclo estimator now available

Hi list,

the SpecEst toolbox has more fun and exciting stuff:

  • First thing is a GUI. It connects to a file or UHD and can show live
    spectral estimates of the incoming signal using any of the existing
    estimators. For simple debugging purpose, this is not as useful as
    uhd_fft.py, but it’s a great tool to show how different estimators
    (parametric vs. non-parametric) work. And have you ever seen a live
    ESPRIT based sinusoid tracker?
  • Cyclostationary estimation is now also possible. This is not
    integrated into the GUI, as the output is completely different, but
    comes with demo app that uses Matplotlib to show stuff that’s going on
    (very slow, though!). There’s a small example script that uses the
    output of the cyclo estimator to distinguish QPSK and BPSK, just to
    see how this can be used.

As usual, it’s all on our github. You can find it all
at https://www.cgran.org/wiki/SpecEst.

Happy spectral estimating,

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On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 9:37 AM, Martin B. [email protected]

integrated into the GUI, as the output is completely different, but

Once again, great work Martin!