Spectral Estimation and Compressive Sensing

Hi List,

I am happy to say that we from the INT have managed to merge some of our
research with GNU Radio development and have released some code on
CGRAN. There are two new projects:

  1. Spectral Estimation Toolbox

This project aims to enhance GNU Radio with ‘proper’ spectral estimation
routines; so far it only includes Welch’s method as a hierarchical

  1. Compressive Sensing Toolbox

The other project adds some Compressive Sensing routines to GNU Radio.
So far, only compression algorithms have been implemented as C++ blocks,
which makes the whole project of limited practical use, but it can
already be used to run fast simulations (much faster than some other,
expensive, proprietary software commonly used in academics).
An example on how to do compressed spectral estimation is also included.

WIP includes:

  • Compression algorithms for the FPGA
  • Smashed Filter Detector Bank

We are currently not planning to add any reconstruction algorithms (l1
or other), since they are currently not of much use for Cognitive

Of course, collaborators are welcome. In particular, any implementation
of parametric spectral estimation would be a nice extension for the
spectral estimation toolbox. Reconstruction algorithms would also be
interesting to have, but are of no priority for us at the moment.

I am happy to answer any questions regarding these codes off-list. Have


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