Specify alternate project name when creating new rails proj?

I was just looking over the help file for the rails executable (rails
–help), but I didn’t see a way to specify a specific project name.

I usually keep all of my projects in a Projects folder, then sub folders
based on the project name (ex: projects/client/project_name/ or
projects/project_name). In each of these project sub folders I typically
create additional folders for “files”, “design”, and “web” (for PHP
projects). I’d like to start using a new “rails” sub folder
(projects/project_name/rails) for projects that I’m developing in Rails,
but I’m worried about any fallout as a result of using “rails” for every
project name. AFAICT, the only place where the project name is
explicitly written is in the database.yml file, and if so then I can
easily override those values once the files have been generated. But I
wonder if there is a way to specify the project name when I create the
rails project, such as rails rails "project_name"? If not, am I
correct in my assumption about it only being used to write the database

For instance, generally in rails you would use:
C:\Projects>rails my_rails_app
Which would create a rails project named my_rails_app in the Projects/

But I want to use:
C:\Projects\my_rails_app>rails rails
To generate the rails app in the “rails” sub folder within the project
folder Projects/my_rails_app.

So, is there a way to generate the rails content in the “rails”
subfolder, but specify the project name in addition? Or, is there a way
to just generate it in the CWD folder, without worrying about a project