.specification or .gemspec?



I am currently working on Heroku (herokugarden.com) and pushing to the
Heroku Git repo from my local computer. I am also installing gems on
local. When I install gems locally, they generate .gemspec files in a
specification/ folder. However, when I push through to Heroku, it tells
me that I’m missing a .specification file for that gem and that I should
run ‘rake gems:refresh_specs’. Furthermore, even when I run this
command, it tells me to . Are these 2 the same thing? But just with
different file extensions? I am using Rails 2.2.2 locally, and Heroku
uses 2.1. Could this be making the difference?

I am confused as to why a .specification file needs to exist when I push
into Heroku but I am never asked for it on my local copy.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: