Spec_server is dead! Long live spork!

Hey all,

Just a heads up that the rspec-rails- release deprecates
spec_server in favor of Tim H.'s spork gem.


I’ve already removed spec_server from the rspec-rails git repo, so it
will no longer be part of the rspec-rails gem beginning with the next
release. I understand that this presents a conundrum for folks on
Windows, as there is no spork love for Windows just yet. To that end,
I’ve posted the spec_server to its own repo on github:

GitHub - dchelimsky/spec_server: spec_server extracted from rspec-rails-1.2.6

As the readme suggests, I do not plan to maintain this. It is posted
solely for the purpose of making it easily accessible for those who
want to (or don’t have other options yet) continue to use it.
Admittedly, I didn’t go very far to make it a single command install
or a gem, so if anybody cares to take that on I’m sure it would be
appreciated by many.