Spec question

When I was testing the File.zero? I noticed File.zero?(‘NUL’) failed. I
looked the code and it seems there is no special check there to exclude
NUL as a not a valid file. I created a constant
       private readonly static string NUL_VALUE = “NUL”;

and added a else clause in the trycreate method as

else if (path.Equals(NUL_VALUE))
                   result = null;

and now the NUL works fine for zero.

I have two questions with this regard;

  1. Can I apply these changes and push in the patch?
  2. When we run the rake spec, will it include following tests on
    platform :not, :mswin do
    Â Â Â it “returns true for /dev/null” do
    Â Â Â Â Â File.zero?(’/dev/null’).should == true
    Â Â Â end
    Â end
    It seems it does,

I haven’t looked at the Rubinius to see how the platform is supposed to


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