Spam check and rails, do you think is it possible?

Hi, do you think is it possible to check the score a given text/email
would have?
For example, I’ve a newsletter, and before send all the emails i’d like
to know (automatically) how much score should have that email on
spamassassin and similar software.
Do you think is it possible to do this check automatically? (so without
send the email to myself and check the score :slight_smile: )

This help?

On Sep 16, 11:39 am, Xdmx X. [email protected]

kopf1988 wrote:

This help?

yes, but would be nicer to know how to do something like that :slight_smile: or
better which controls a mails needs, so to be able to warn the user, and
that should be done automatically by the system behind, non by external
sites :slight_smile: