South East Michigan Ruby Brigade Meeting - Today!

Location: 1200 EECS (
(if you are not familiar with campus don’t be intimidated, ask on the
mailing list (
for assistance. I am sure we can arrange a ride or good directions.

NOTE: This is a different room from our last location. It’s just a
short 2 minute walk from 1670 CSE, our meeting spot for the last few

Not Sure?

  1. Free pizza
  2. Free soda
  3. Friendly people


  1. Talks
    1. User Group Challenge - Boggle (Lead by Patrick H.)
    2. Ruby/Rails Editors lightening talks (Open Forum)
    3. RubyConf*MI
  2. Open Discussion

Our October meeting will be in 1200 EECS Monday 10/1/07 from 7pm-8:30pm.