Sortable element with event observe problem

I have this problem, and i dont know how to fix it:
In a sortable element made with a foreach loop, im using something like:

Event.observe(‘button’+i, ‘click’, function(e){ alert(i) } );
where “button+i” are several images of the sortable element
(button1, button2… ) and “i” is the counter variable of the loop.
The problem is that I need a element that being click execute a function
who pass a number(i). Ex:
[button 1], function: delete(1)
[button 2], function: delete(2)
[button 3], function: delete(3)
[button 4], function: delete(4)… and so
This works great in Firefox, an even I can get any attribute of
the dom elements where the function (in the above example, “alert”) is.
But in IE dont work in any way.
Do you have any suggestions?
PD. “Onclick” events dont work, cause the elements are in a
sortable (or at least, i dont know how to do it)
PD2, I try to use bind, and bindAsElementListener in several ways, but
dont seems to work…

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