Sortable_element -- need a strategy


I have listings that are numbered. When I re-sort them, the first
page of results re-sorts fine in the database, but the second page is
ignored. How do I renumber all listings?

Also, though the first page is re-sorted fine in the database,
listings numbers do not update on the page. I’m inclined to have
an .rjs file that does a replace_html on all listings, but it would be
so much less data simply to have the listing numbers update.

Here is my code. The :after part is not working. redraw_listings is
an rjs that replaces all listings with the partial that creates them.

<%= sortable_element(‘listing’, :tag => “div”, :constraint =>
false, :scroll => :window,
:url => { :action => “sort_by_position” , :id => }, :containment => [‘listing’], :after => { :action =>
‘redraw_listings’} ) %>

Any hints?