Something useful - get stack trace by email


I’ve heard about that on Geoffrey Grosenbach’s podcast (episode with Tom
Copeland: link here:

Geoffrey Grosenbach: Now, speaking of other kinds of software,
distribution, apart from the website do your Rails plug-in system work
around source code control and especially it seems to work pretty well
with Subversion, and I’m sure that people are probably already hosting
Rails plug ins with you so they can install those into their Rails app.
Has David Heinemeier Hanson, or anyone on the team talked to you about
maybe how to use the Rails plug in system with RubyForge to make that
work better.
Tom C.: You, know I’ve seen, I’ve seen that too the Rails plug
in. I’ve installed. I’ve got a Rails app for our company, I’ve got gosh
a couple of plug in systems. One that emails out stack traces if
something goes wrong.

I tried to find that plugin, but couldn’t … any ideas?

thank you!


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