Someone Pls help

New to ruby on rails. I have a pdf with background picture. I need to change that pdf into ruby form with vue.js. the pdf have to be writable (to save data to database). I am stuck :frowning:
do i have to re - create all fields and forms ?

Please help .
Thank You in Advance

Look into these two gems:

  • Prawn - is de facto “pdf library” for ruby.
  • HexaPDF - is a newer, and has more options it seems, but I found working with Prawn more intuitive, especially when getting into advanced pdf manipulation

Both are excellent gems.

Thank you so much !!just want to confirm hexapdf gem allows you to convert existing pdf to ruby form in a writable form. any tutorial for that?

Hello! I also need a help. I need a new app for Gradesfixer on Ruby. Can someone create it?