"Some String \xAE".to_json gives an illegal/malformed error?

Call me crazy, but I must be missing some fundamental understanding

From what I can read on the JSON gem located here (http://
json.rubyforge.org/) this should be working but I’m getting a
JSON::GeneratorError. Any insight you may have is appreciated.

Given this:

require ‘json’
=> true

s = [“MyStuff \xAE”]
=> [“MyStuff \256”]

JSON::GeneratorError: source sequence is illegal/malformed
from (irb):16:in `to_json’
from (irb):16

Since that string has a unicode char in it, should it not be escape to
\uXXXX when re convert to JSON?

Any help is appreciated.

Never mind. Encoding on the DB is defaulting to latin-1. What I
thought was unicode strings weren’t. Sigh :slight_smile: