Some questions

hey everyone
I just bought 2 USRPS and 2 daughter boards ( RFX 2400)
and Im intending to implement the IF and RF stages of wimax, the usrp
get its
data from a previous stage which is on a TI DSP . Can someone answer me
how can i test my USRPs ? i already started some examples
on gnu but i have no clue of how to load my code onto the usrp. I tried
connecting the usrp to the computer but nothing was detected(im using
ubuntu 10.6 and have all needed packages installed).Isnt this unusual??
Also can some1 tell me what do the files in the root/gnuradio directory
the downloads ,i mean what are the “branches,import,tags,trunk…” ?? Is
there any documentation concerning the usrp and how to handle it?
lastly does some1 know where can i find how to install the USRP in its
thanks for your time

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