Some Questions about UCLA_ZIGBEE_PHY project codes

Hi all,

I am a newbie at GNU Radio, and I am in the beginning of my bachelor’s
thesis, which is to connect GNU Radio with Telosb sensor node. I know
is a project named UCLA_ZIGBEE_PHY to connect GNU Radio with Zigbee, so
try to use this code to do some implementation.

Currently i use XCVR2450 Rx daugtherbroad in USRP. I installed a simple
application in telosb, and when i type the command: python
-c 2480000000(Telosb uses channel 26, and it’s central frequency is
I get the following result:
cordic_freq = 2.48G
data_rate = 2M
samples_per_symbol = 2
usrp_decim = 16
fs = 4M
Using RX d’board A: XCVR2450 Rx
>>> gr_fir_fff: using SSE
802_15_4_pkt: waiting for packet

There’s nothing more to display. So i was wondering whether GNU Radio
communicate with Telosb?

I check some file in UCLA_ZIGBEE_PHY project, and in
static const int MSG_LEN_POS = 8+1; // 8 byte sos header,
byte AM type
static const int MAX_PKT_LEN = 128 - MSG_LEN_POS - 1; // remove
header and CRC
I don’t think this definiton is compatible with ieee802.15.4 frame
whose FCF is 2Bytes. Maybe the different frame format definition is the
problem. I am not sure.

Is there any guideline available to get GNU Radio communicated with
Any help is appreciated!

Thank you very much!

You L.

Did you solve this problem?I installed both of Gnuradio and UCLA
Zigbee on ubuntu 9.10, and I have this problem,can you tell me your
ideas and experience it?

Thank you
e-mial:[email protected]

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