Some help required piping samples to the USRP2/WBX


I am trying to write a python script which will
allow me to take some 16 bit IQ samples
from a file and write them out to my USRP2/WBX.

The background is that I am trying to implement
what has been done on here

but instead taking the output of gbDVB piping it through
an app I am writing (to do the raised cosine filtering) then
piping that to the USRP2

Unfortunately GnuRadio is a bit daunting at the moment
especially finding what various things are especially as some usrp
blocks don’t seem to exist for the usrp2 or their input formats are

What I need to do is set the tx frequency to 1249 MHz
select the correct antenna output then pipe samples from
the input file to the usrp2 sink.

Any pointers would be most useful.

Be gentle

  • Charles

On 02/18/2010 08:06 AM, Charles B. wrote:

to the USRP2
Any pointers would be most useful.

Be gentle

  • Charles


Glad to hear from you. I would suggest that the easiest thing for you
to do would be to build a flowgraph in GRC. Assuming your file is
binary, you can just use the file source and a USRP2 sink.

I’ve attached a sample flow graph. I’m away from any hardware right now
so I can’t test it, but it is simple enough it should work. You’ll need
to set the interpolation ratio based on the sample rate of your data.