Some components parameters are unknown on usrp schematic

Dear Matt and all,
Recently,i am digesting the V4.2 usrp’s schematic,but on usrp-B
Clocking file ,some components value is unknown,for example,

R2001 R2004 R2005 R2030 R858 R860
R904 R905 R907 R908 R910 R911 R913 R914 R916 R917 R919 R920 R922 R923
R925 R926 R928 R929 R931 R932 R934 R935 R906 R909 R912 R915 R918 R921
R924 R927 R930 R933 R936

these components value is NONE on schematic and there aren’t part number
information in usrp-bom.xls.

could anybody give me some help?tell me the information about these


otherwise,the website can’t access for a long
time,what it happen ?

thanks again.

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