[SOLUTION] Text Munger #76

This is my first Ruby Q. submission as well (there seems to be a lot
of us
this time through!). I’m going to attach the file because one line is
long and I don’t want text wrapping to be a problem :wink:

I was able to squeeze things down to 15 lines in the end.

Ruby Q. #76 - Text Munger by Michael Brum

Usage: ruby rq76-munger.rb text_file.txt

It seems to me that once a word gets past a certain length

the readability of that word once munged drops conciderably.

In trying to take that into account, for words over 8 characters

in length, I split the middle section into two strings and munge

those separately.

def munge(word)
case word.length
when 0…3: return word
when 4…8: return word[0].chr +
word[1,(word.length-2)].split(//).to_a.sort_by{rand}.to_s +
else return word[0].chr +
word[1,(word.length/2)].split(//).to_a.sort_by{rand}.to_s +

mtext = String.new()
File.open(ARGV[0]) do |file|
line = file.gets(separator=nil)
line.split(/([^A-Za-z])/).each do |word|
mtext += munge(word)
puts mtext

Here’s mine, it doesn’t do nifty accented characters, but on the
other hand at least numbers and underscores aren’t letters
usage: ruby scramble.rb < input.txt

% cat scramble.rb

My version features an un-munging mode and the use of procs and blocks
to keep DRY. It won’t shuffle letters, but it will leave numbers and
underscores alone, too.


On Apr 23, 2006, at 11:20 AM, Dave B. wrote:

It won’t shuffle letters

Is there a missing word in there? (I hope…) :wink:

James Edward G. II

On 4/24/06, James Edward G. II [email protected] wrote:

On Apr 23, 2006, at 11:20 AM, Dave B. wrote:

It won’t shuffle letters

Is there a missing word in there? (I hope…) :wink:

It won’t shuffle accented letters!

And, Gordon Thiesfield, very nice!


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