Solution for SegFault with Lock / Unlock in 3.7 C++

I was wondering if there has been any progress or work arounds for Bug
in 3.7?

The issue is the GnuRadio will segfault if there are too many Lock /
I am having it happen after 6 - 10 lock/unlocks.

My program is a C++ program that records trunked radio calls and I need
be able to dynamically connect / disconnect recording flowgraphs as new
calls are started. The program works fine under 3.6.

I was wondering if there are any work arounds I should try. I have tried
using tb->stop, tb->wait, tb->start, but it still crashes. Is there
other way to dynmically connect & disconnect blocks that doesn’t require
lock / unlock?

Is there an ETA when this would be fixed? Anything I can help on? I am
going to have to go back to 3.6 if I can’t figure out a solution.


  • Luke

What version of boost are you using?


I was thinking the older version of boost had a bug in the boost thread
stuff that was causing this, but boost 1.53 should be fine.

I am using Boost 1.53, on Ubuntu 13.10 via apt-get. When I was running
under GnuRadio 3.6, I think I was running Boost 1.49, but it got upgrade
because I think it is not compatible with GR 3.7?

Would it be worth it to try build from source for Boost 1.48 or 1.55?

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