Software Radio Implementation Forum CFP

Hi everyone,

Some friends at the Chinese University of Hong Kong had started the
Software Radio Implementation Forum (SRIF) last year. I was an invited
speaker at their first workshop last January (I made mention of this and
think saw a few list subscribers there). Matt E. also came to
participate. It was a great workshop and completely focused on
implementation issues; that is, taking theory into practice and all of
the issues that are raised in doing so. This is a large part of GNU
and where we play an important role.

We’re holding another SRIF workshop in August of 2013 in Hong Kong in
conjunction with ACM SIGCOMM. It’s a huge honor to be associated with
a significant, recognized, and competitive conference, and we’d like to
make the most of it!

We have a call for papers online and I would like to encourage people to
check it out and submit your work. Especially if you are over in that
of the world. And if you aren’t over in that part of the world, Hong
a fantastic city, and SRIF and SIGCOMM should be well worth your time.

Please find all of the information about the workshop at the website