Software Engineer Position Available, Herndon, VA - Ruby on

Hello Ruby on Rails groups! My name is Kristy Julien and I am
recruiting for a Mid-level Software Engineer position that is
currently available in Herndon, VA. The position is contract to hire
with a very progressive company with STELLAR benefits and is available
immediately. I’ve pasted the job description below. The qualified
candidate has project experience on a Rails project and knowledge on
how to unit test Ruby and Rails code.

There is more than one position available. The other positions are
more junior and do not require th RoR or Agile experience. The senior
position pays up to 95K and the junior position pays up to 75K. If
you are interested, please review the below job description and send a
Microsoft Word version of your resume to [email protected]. If
you are overqualified, underqualified or uninterested but you know
someone that could fit these requirements, I do have a referral plan
in place for you as well! I hope to hear from you soon!

Job Summary

As a technical member of the project development team, the Consultant
participates in all development activities from coding and writing
unit testing to assisting the project leaders with developing the
project architecture. The consultant is responsible for estimating
assigned tasks and completing each task on-time and on-budget.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Follows Development Methodology as defined by project leadership.

· Reviews design with project team members, architect, or entire team
as necessary.

· Provides reliable estimates for all assigned tasks.

· Breaks stories down into manageable tasks.

· Works with analysts to define and break down work into implementable
stories and tasks.

· Provides accurate, detailed and up-to-date status to project
leadership team.

· Coordinates overlapping functionality with other developers.

· Coordinates with other developers for code reuse.

· Completes tasks in a timely manner meeting expectations set by
project leadership team.

· Provides accurate tests for all code checked into repository.

· Collaborates with other developers to design, implement, and test
production-quality code.

· Follows Command Information project practices and team practices.

· Actively looks for ways to improve the system design and code.

· Works with analysts, customers, and testers to perform system and
acceptance testing on each feature.

· Communicates status daily to other members of the team and project.

· Communicates risks upon discovery.

Skills and Experience - Level I

· Solid working knowledge and understanding of applicable software
development language and associated technologies with particular
emphasis on web based application development.

· Knowledge of core technologies, tools, and industry standards (e.g.,
J2EE, .NET, Struts, Ant, and JUnit).

· Understanding of Agile development environment and processes a

Skills and Experience - Level II

· Strong enterprise services frameworks and API skills.

· Proven experience in agile methodologies such as XP, FDD, SCRUM or

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