Software Compatibility among USRP2, N and X Series

Dear all,

I found most existed projects were based on USRP2 and some current
project are using N200/210. It seems to me that both of these two models
have similar hardware specification, but USRP2 is out of market, isn’t

If a GNURadio based software packages was developed for USRP2, does it
works compatible with N200/210? How about the X300/310 model?

Additionally, are there any other hardware compatibility issues among

Many thanks in advance.

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if you were using UHD, you’ll be fine. Apart for device-specific
settings, you can simply switch hardware.


Hi Jiayi,

all USRPs use the UHD driver framework; from an application’s
perspective, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re using a USRP 1, 2,
N200, X300, B200 or the integrated radios of the E-Series. Normally,
applications do not even care what kind of USRP is connected :slight_smile:

The only thing that could go wrong is that if the GNU Radio project was
based on libusrp or libusrp2, the predecessors of UHD, it won’t work
with modern hardware. But then again, that software is very old, and
won’t work with modern GNU Radio anyway, and numerous examples have
shown that compilation of software that old on modern systems is
complicated due to missing dependencies.

The question you need to ask is whether that software uses UHD (in the
shape of gr-uhd) – if that’s the case, it will work with any USRP of
the past and the foreseeable future.

Additionally, are there any other hardware compatibility issues among
these products?

Well, a USRP N200 is not a B200 is not an X310… as they all have
different specs, obviously they all can’t fit the same needs.



Generally, the UHD driver hides the difference, so the Ettus products
are interchangeable. There aren’t too many projects that are specific to
model, unless you’re looking at FPGA mods. But there are some
differences (or there wouldn’t be separate products) having to do with
frequency ranges, sample rates, etc., that still might affect GNURadio
programs. It depends.

  • Jeff

On 10/30/2014 03:34 PM, Zhang, Jiayi wrote:

Additionally, are there any other hardware compatibility issues among

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The UHD driver layer abstracts a lot of the device-specific stuff, so
many applications will work either with no changes, or just a few minor
parameter changes.