SOCIS project update 4

Hey GNU Radio’ers,

and here we go again. Another week has passed and thus it’s time for
my weekly report.
Just like last week, this week has been about implementing an encoder
decoder chain in C++ for FECAPI. After I put a lot of work in a good
encoder implementation, I did so too with the decoder this week. There
is a rather simple successive cancellation decoder like it is known
from the original paper and there is an alomst working successive
cancellation list decoder. It needs some more love to come up to its
full potential, though.
As a side note, Python is way easier for a first implementation. It
already proved to be helpful to have a Python implementation first a
couple of times.
So, as planned, next week I’ll continue working on this decoder and
some more optimization. It seems like natural bit order is beneficial
for software implementations, especially in contrast to hardware ones.
This work will eventually lead to kernels for VOLK. That’s my hope for
the moment.

More info and current project progress can be found in [1] and [2].


[1] GitHub - jdemel/gnuradio: GNU Radio
[2] GitHub - jdemel/socis-2015-gr-results: ESA SOCIS 2015 files and information