SOCIS project update 10

Hey community!

time for another project update.
I case anyone still wonders, SOCIS is short for ESA Summer of Code in
Space. I just wanted to mention it again.

This week was about VOLKifying things again. Although the math behind
polar codes is pretty clear, there are a lot of implementation details
which one can choose from. For example if the algorithms should use
natural or reversed bit order.
This week I had to redo another part of the decoder. It worked in
natural bit order but would go from looking at the whole frame to one
little part. I had to reverse that. Inputs and outputs are still the
same but data aligns better now.
Some parts of the decoder work quite smooth now. Others still need
some attention in order to make it work completely again.

Also, I started to make plans for my presentation during GRCon.

GRCon is close. And so is the end of the project. Next week I’ll work
on completing VOLKification. And I’ll start to clean-up. So Hopefully
I’ll be able to issue a Pull request by the end of the week or
beginning of the next. The last week before GRCon will be dedicated to
my presentation. So my final project report will be a presentation at

More info and current project progress can be found in [1], [2] and [3].


[1] GitHub - jdemel/gnuradio: GNU Radio
[2] GitHub - jdemel/socis-2015-gr-results: ESA SOCIS 2015 files and information
[3] GitHub - jdemel/volk: The Vector Optimized Library of Kernels