I’ve created a method for creating a SOAP WSDL driver.
I’ve tested this without basic auth and without SSL and it works
great. The sysadmin has enabled SSL and basic auth and now I’m stuck.

The error is:
HTTPClient::BadResponseError: unexpected response:
#<HTTP::Message::Headers:0x2aaaae21cd10 @body_date=nil,
@status_code=401, @dumped=false, @body_size=0, @body_charset=nil,
@request_via_proxy=nil, @chunked=false, @header_item=[[“Content-
Length”, “1656”], [“Content-Type”, “text/html”], [“Server”, “Microsoft-
IIS/6.0”], [“WWW-Authenticate”, “Negotiate”], [“WWW-Authenticate”,
“NTLM”], [“X-Powered-By”, “ASP.NET”], [“Date”, “Thu, 26 Mar 2009
21:12:23 GMT”]], @body_type=nil, @request_query=nil,
@is_request=false, @reason_phrase=“Unauthorized”, @request_uri=nil,
@http_version=“1.1”, @request_method=nil>

Which seems to indicate a failed authentication…

Here’s the method:

def create_record_driver # WS for creating a new record
username = “username”
password = “mypassword”
ws_site = “https://#{BASE_SITE}/ws/CreateRecord.asmx”
wsdl = “#{ws_site}?WSDL”
drv =
drv.options[‘protocol.http.ssl_config.verify_mode’] =
drv.options[“protocol.http.basic_auth”] << [ ws_site, username,
password ]
return drv

Any help would be appreciated.

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