Soap Client Issue passing Param

I had a quick question about setting up a soap client

I am attempting to setup a SOAP client with a shipping company to get
realtime tracking information.

Here is the function I have written for it:

def self.get_yellow_shipping_status(pro_number)

XSD::Charset.encoding = ‘UTF8’
tracking_number = “#{pro_number}”

wsdl = “

soap_client =

# Log SOAP request and response
@result = soap_client.getGenTrackingStatus("0475135680")
puts @result.inspect


When I run the function I am able to return information from the
yellow server, but I am getting an error code of 99. I have been in
contact with the developers and they are saying that the PRONumber is
not getting submitted to them. This number is the only parameter that
this function expects. I manually added the pro # here “0475135680”
and am at a loss for why it is not submitting the pronumber to the
yellow soap server. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.