SOAP and Ruby 1.9


I thought this would be a pretty simple subject but… it appears that
is not the case.

What should I be using for SOAP in Ruby 1.9? Is there anything?

When I first set up 1.9.1 on my machine I read through this:

In there it says under * Deprecation: “soap, wsdl and xsd libraries:
use soap4r gem.”

What gem?

I went to the website for soap4r ( and the
latest news update is from October of 2007. Is this really the only
SOAP game out there for Ruby? I read that there’s a 1.6 development
version but running the following seems to simply give me 1.5.8.

svn checkout soap4r

Is there something else I should be using or am I out of luck for
1.9.1 for right now? Is this project even still alive? Anyone out
there running SOAP with 1.9?