SO_LINGER: Protocol not available

Hello GNU List,

Newbie question here on my installation. I thought I had successfully
installed the
GNURadio and all required packages, and could run most of the examples
in the
src/gnuradio-3.1.3/gnuradio-examples/python folder.

However, when I try to run any of the samples in the network folder I
get the following
error -

$ python
SO_LINGER: Protocol not available
Aborted (core dumped)

Can someone suggest if I have missed a package in the install that
would lead to this
sort of error? Or would it be more related to a Cygwin or Vista mailing

Some of the system details include
Vista with Cygwin
Python 2.5
GNURadio 3.1.3
boost 1.36
fftw 3.2.1
glib 2.20.2

Thanks for your help in advance