Snapshot of JRuby OS X pkg installer

I’ve uploaded a snapshot build of David C.'s pkg installer here:

It installs under /Library/Frameworks/JRuby.framework and modifies
your .profile to add JRuby’s bin location to PATH. If I remember
right, he also updated it to share a gem home between installed
versions, so you could reinstall a new version and the gems would
still be in place.

If anyone’s adventurous, I’d like to have others place with this. On
OS X we probably would typically recommend either using rvm or simply
unpacking a JRuby dist, but there are folks who really want a pkg
install. For them, this may be enough.

The installer’s repository is here:
GitHub - calavera/jruby-mac-installer: Mac package installer for jruby. The process is simple;
check it out, and run setup.rb <jruby version, like>. It will put a .dmg/.pkg in the JRuby source dir’s dist

There’s a few todo’s, from David’s README and a couple of my own:

  • Background image for the .dmg/installer
  • Complete empty step windows
  • Create a rich text version for LICENSE.jruby and README.jruby
  • Uninstall support (something under /Library/Receipts? Docs on how to
    do this are really hard to find)

Anyone that can help with those, have at it. It looks like we’ll have
a pkg installer for 1.5!

  • Charlie

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The TODOs are also listed in the issues page, feel free to comment on
or add more:

I’ll try to work in the uninstaller this week.


On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 4:37 AM, Charles Oliver N.