SMTP + serial ports

Hi, i’m kinda new at ruby, and i wanna know (didnt even install
ruby-serial), if there is anyone willing to help me at my project.
What i need is, “Listen on serial port for signal changing at pins” ie,
wait for analog input, and then, “use SMTP to send from one GMail
account to other a notification mail.” (i think this one is clear)

If you have any suggestions how should i do the code etc, i’ll be glad
for an answer.

ALSO: if you have idea which distro should be good for ruby (AFAIK gem
and dev stuff fail at windows ATM) i’d be glad to know which you think
is “the best” - linux expirience aren’t problem. will try on Ubuntu
(because i’m (confession) too lazy for installing arch =)

watts at freenode IRC


I think you’d actually learn something if you did it yourself, instead
of asking others trying to do your homework.
For the distro thing: just go with Ubuntu. Install ruby, gem install
Your serial port is probably at /dev/ttyS0.

// Wouter

Well i kinda thought that you will see that “Wannabe intelectuals”
(thats how our headmistress calls us) or, gymnasium guys, dont have such
thing for homework, and i thought you could help me out even at starting
with the ruby. however, ubuntu installment is going on now and will test
it out soon

Well i said that i’d need a help :wink: not that i want somebody do it for
me - would just need lots of time to get started with it :slight_smile:
and yeah dont worry, i do typos al ot - so translating intelectuals to
english ended up without 2nd L :wink:

Well i installed ubuntu and ruby. will start coding tomorrow (personal