SMTP behavior different in different actions

Hi All,

I send e-mails at a few different points in my rails app, and I use the
exceptionnotifier plugin which works great. I’ve run into a problem I
just can’t figure out. I just added an action so that people can send
me feedback via a form, and whenever I try to run it, I get an SMTP

550 unknown user
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:680:in `check_response’

The part I don’t understand is that this is in the SAME CONTROLLER as
other actions that are sending mail fine, on the same machine, in the
same environment. Not only that, but the reason I know I’m getting
this error is that the exceptionnotifier plugin is e-mailing me that

Can anyone think of a reason on how this behavior could be different
between two actions on the same controller? Everything looks the same
to me. I can provide more information if people need it. I’ve just
looked through the code and nothing looks out of whack. It just looks
like another method, and another action. Everything works fine in
development also (not using smtp). It’s only in production that I see
this problem.

Tom L.