SMTP ActionMailer Email Problem


I’m trying to send some emails via actionmailer using the SMTP
settings for my shared hosting. All seems fine, and I get no errors,
but I also get no emails.

Any ideas as to what to look for or how to go about testing the SMTP
settings? I’ve googled and googled but found nothing.



a couple issues could be at hand … the first two i can think of are

*) you are in development environment, whereas ActionMailer works in
*) an error occurs along the deliver method, and the email doesn’t get
sent because there is an app error. check out the logs to see why.

it’s none of the above?

Well, Master Shai, are you going to shed some more info on us?
I too, have the same problem and ALSO cannot find any information to
solve this problem on the web. I tried loading a ‘virtual’ Windows
SMPT server but this only crashed my server.
I’ve got to believe all Windows Rails programmers have this same

I’ve got to believe all Windows Rails programmers have this same

… mmm, sorry bout the ignorant response, but i don’t really know what
the situation regarding windows would be as i haven’t used one in more
than a year or so (i actually moved to ubuntu [ linux debian ] because i
was having some trouble with windows, but to each his own)

if you’ve got some hosting service (not on localhost), you can direct
the ActionMailer settings to there, and they actually send out the email
after ActionMailer configures the correct headers and all.

to be honest though, i may be getting entangled in the wrong thread (get
the pun?), as i don’t really know the situation with InstantRails |
windows …

maybe i should pass this along to someone who knows a little better…