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i am now in the process of building a newsletter system which will send
out emails to users that have enlisted to a certain group;
everything’s going fine, and i an towards the end of this project…now
the real part of the story kicks in, where i need to check to see if the
thing is working or not. i have been looking over the development.log
file, and i see that the emails are being sent (it says “Sent Email…”)
to the correct users and everything is cool, except, it doesn’t really
work yet because i don’t have a smtp server installed yet, and so i
don’t really know if the actionmailer is really working, or if the
messages are misleading me. either way, i was wondering what i need to
DO/what i need to INSTALL/or CONFIGURE in order to see the email
physicaly being sent out to my email box. ( and open and read it ! )

is there some rails smtp server install/plugin (such as a webrick
extension?) or do i have to do this some other way (and then, how do i
do this?)

i thank you greatly for your help,


On 7/11/06, harper [email protected] wrote:

don’t really know if the actionmailer is really working, or if the
You could configure it to use your ISPs SMTP server or if you have
some hosting for it online, you most likely have access to sendmail on
that server.

In the appropriate environment file in config/environments/ add the
following line:
ActionMailer::Base.deliver_method = :smtp | :sendmail | :test # pick
the correct one

For sendmail to work it has to reside in /usr/sbin and accept the -i
and -t flags. For SMTP you also need to add:
ActionMailer::Base.server_settings = {
:address => “
:port => 25
:domain => “
:authentication => :login
:user_name => “my_username”
:password => “my_password”

Refer to the very first pages of Chapter 19 in AWDWR for more details.

Hope that helps,