SmartImage 0.0.4 - simple yet powerful cross-platform thumbnail generation and image manipulation i

“It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for images, but one of those tiny ones you
keep on your keychain” AND YES, it works with Rails!

SmartImage is an image processing/compositing/thumbnailing Ruby with the
following design goals:

  • Completely seamless installation and usage across all Ruby
    implementations, with an emphasis on MRI and JRuby
  • Expose a small but powerful and easy-to-understand API
  • Easy to extend with support for multiple image compositing backends
    (presently RMagick and Java Graphics2D)

That’s cool, so what can it do?

  • Create thumbnails (even in your Ruby on Rails application!)
  • Scale images
  • Composite multiple images into a single image
  • Convert between various image formats (.png, .jpg, and .gif
  • Apply alpha masks to an image

Why should I use SmartImage instead of RMagick, ImageScience, etc?

  • You want a more powerful and more cross-platform library than
  • You want a library with a less mind-bogglingly bloated API than
  • You’re considering a move to an alternative Ruby implementation
    JRuby and want an image library that works seamlessly between MRI,
    and other Ruby implementations

v0.0.4 release notes:

  • Fixed bug in processing alpha channel of JRuby canvas objects when
    saving .jpgs, causing color channel corruption.
  • Fixed bug in SmartImage.thumbnail_file where images are always
    saved as
    .pngs regardless of the specified file extension.