Small design problem


I’ve got a page with galleries. Everything works quite ok. But now i
need to create a special gallery that will be used only to randomly
display images on the home page.

The main difference between this and the other galleries will be that it
won’t have description and title like the others and its images won’t
have their thumbnail versions. Admin won’t be able to delete this
gallery or add new one of this type, he will only be able to add/remove

How to do it? I don’t want to change much code that i’ve written so far.
Should i just assume that gallery with id=1 is the special one and
everywhere else show galleries except the one with id=1? Maybe inherit
new class from the gallery class and just copy most of the code for
adding/removing pictures? Or use STI (but it would probably lead to most
code + database changes)?

Any suggestions?